Comprehensive Outline
for Creation ... Counterfeits ... and the 70th Week

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Chapter 15

I. Creation & Observation A. GOD, NATURE, and the BIBLE   1. God, the Designer
  2. God, the personal Creator
  3. God not created
  4. increase in knowledge
  5. nature and the Word of God not contradictory
  6. scientific confirmation of the Bible     a. Darius the Mede
    b. a spherical earth
    c. whirling winds
    d. the hydrologic cycle
    e. Hezekiah’s tunnel
    f. oceanic pathways
    g. astronomical facts
    h. Old and New Testament verification by ancient scrolls
    i. rediscovery of Mount Sinai
  7. Genesis 1 vs. Genesis 2
  8. reconciling the Bible with nature
B. CREATION THEORIES   1. 24-hour days vs. apparent age of Creation
  2. “age-days” of Creation
  3. the “Big Bang”
  4. frame of reference
C. OBSERVATION of CREATION   1. a point of controversy
  2. point of observation away from the planet
  3. point of observation on the planet
  4. light shines through
  5. creation out of nothing
  6. thinning atmosphere
  7. sun, moon, and stars
  8. mankind created, not evolved
  9. evolution
10. pre-Adamite world
11. praise to the Lord, the Creator
II. God & Israel A. NAMES for and CHARACTER of GOD   1. YHWH or Yahweh, the "I AM"
  2. Jehovah = Adonai + Yahweh
  3. El
  4. additional names for and attributes of God
  5. God’s Name on the City of Peace
  6. suffering a result of disobedience and rebellion
  7. God’s response; Noah saved
B. ANCIENT PROMISES and COVENANTS of GOD   1. God’s promise to and covenant with Noah
  2. God’s promises to and covenants with Abram (Abraham)
  3. great nation from Abram (Abraham)
  4. covenant of circumcision
  5. Abraham’s complete trust in God
  6. Israel, God’s “great nation” and “firstborn son”
  7. Jacob/Israel (Isra-el) at Peniel (Peni-el)
  8. Israel’s inheritance
  9. Joseph
10. God’s Love for and Anger against His people
C. REACTIONS to and PROVISIONS for REBELLION   1. Israel’s rebellion against God
  2. God’s reaction
  3. faithful exceptions
  4. acceptance and rejection of God
  5. first three kings
  6. God’s promise to David
  7. the nation divided, the people unchanged
  8. partially-fulfilled prophecies
  9. historical cycle
10. separation from God
11. hope of salvation
12. the arm of God
III. The Messiah A. ASPECTS of the MESSIAH   1. names for and attributes of the Messiah
  2. messianic predictions
  3. Messiah, meek and mighty
  4. miraculous birth: God with us
  5. Son of God
  6. Son of Man
  7. identity of the Messiah
  2. Jesus’ birth
  3. Messiah’s birthplace
  4. Jesus’ birthplace, the Magi, and Herod’s anxiety
  5. Messiah’s lineage
  6. Jesus’ lineage
  7. Messiah’s donkey and colt
  8. Jesus’ donkey and colt
  9. Psalm 22
10. Isaiah 53
11. alternate interpretation of Isaiah 53
12. more prophecies fulfilled
C. DOUBTS and CONFIRMATIONS of JESUS’ MESSIAHSHIP   1. John the Baptist inquires
  2. Dead Sea Scrolls
  3. Scrolls #4Q521 and #4Q246
  4. testimony of Josephus
  5. minds not understanding, eyes not seeing, ears not hearing
  6. results of Jewish disbelief
  7. Jewish believers
  8. Jewish feasts/festivals/holy days
IV. Hebrew Spring Festivals/Holy Days A. FIRST SPRING FESTIVAL (PASSOVER)   1. mistreatment of children of Israel; plagues upon Egypt
  2. civil and religious calendars
  3. Pesach or Passover
  4. parallels between Jesus and the Passover lamb
  5. crucifixion not on Wednesday or Friday
  6. crucifixion on Thursday
  7. final five days
  8. Jesus, our Passover Lamb
  2. Hag haMatzah or Festival of Unleavened Bread
  3. the Passover Seder
  4. the afikomen
  5. Jesus, the Passover Afikomen
  6. Jesus’ body, the bread
  7. Jesus’ blood, the wine
  8. all believers, the fruit of the vine
  9. Holy Communion
  2. salvation and deliverance
  3. Feast of Firstfruits
  4. Jesus, the firstfruit from the dead
  5. “Easter” vs. “Resurrection Day”
  6. imperishable and immortal
  7. Aviv 17—date of deliverance
  8. Adar 14 and 15 (Purim)—celebration of deliverance
D. FOURTH SPRING FESTIVAL (SHAVUOT)   1. arrival at Mount Sinai
  2. God’s descent upon Mount Sinai
  3. Shavuot, Feast of Weeks, or Feast of Harvest
  4. the two loaves
  5. Jesus promises the Holy Spirit
  6. Pentecost
  7. Jesus and Pentecost
  8. Moses vs. Jesus
  9. summer cultivation
V. Hebrew Fall Festivals/Holy Days A. FIRST FALL FESTIVAL (ROSH HASHANAH)   1. the trumpet or shofar
  2. Rosh haShanah, Yom Teruah, or Feast of Trumpets
  3. season of Teshuvah
  4. Jesus and Rosh haShanah
  5. the great assemblage
  6. bloodless bodies
  7. Jesus and Joshua
  8. judgment of works
  9. Day of the Lord judgment
10. Yamim Nora’im, Days of Awe, or Day of the Lord
B. SECOND FALL FESTIVAL (YOM KIPPUR)   1. the slain goat and the “scapegoat”
  2. Yom Kippur, Yom haPeduth, or Day of Atonement
  3. Jesus and Yom Kippur
  4. Jesus, our High Priest
  5. Jesus, atonement sacrifice and Redeemer
C. THIRD FALL FESTIVAL (SUKKOT)   1. provision of necessities
  2. pillars of cloud and fire
  3. Sukkot, Feast of Tabernacles, or Feast of Booths
  4. tabernacles, booths, or sukkot
  5. Jesus and Sukkot
  6. Jesus, the Bread of Life
  7. Jesus, the Rock: Source of Living Water
  8. Jesus, the Branch
  9. final Temple built
10. Jesus, Shade and Light
11. Jesus born during Sukkot
12. Season of our Joy
13. Jesus, the King
VI. The Trinity & Triads A. PLURALITY and SINGULARITY   1. “Us” and “Our” vs. “He” and “His”
  2. extra dimensions
  3. spirit, soul, body
B. The FATHER   1. Source and perfect Giver of all things
  2. Authority
  3. Majesty
  4. Will
  5. forgiving and confessing
  6. respecting the Father
  7. Son and Holy Spirit subject to the Father
  8. desires of the Father
C. The SON, JESUS   1. the “Seed”
  2. eyes, ears, arms, hands, fingers, feet, and body of God
  3. questioning Jesus’ claim to be God
  4. the Son of God
  5. the son of man
  6. the Messiah (Christ)
  7. Messiah, Son, and God in one
  8. the “I AM”
  9. truth or lie
10. the Transfiguration
11. the Word
12. Creator, Sustainer
13. Lamb, Shepherd, and High Priest
14. Healer (physical)
15. Healer (emotional and spiritual)
16. fulfillments and teachings of Jesus
17. humility, surrender, and exaltation
18. wrath upon and death of Jesus
19. curtain in temple torn in two
20. Jesus, our intercessor
21. rejection by Jews, acceptance by Gentiles
22. bridegroom and bride
23. Bridegroom and Bride
D. The HOLY SPIRIT   1. appearances in the Bible
  2. Power
  3. Life
  4. Heart and Emotion
  5. Counselor
  6. Love
  7. Anger
  8. blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
  9. male and female traits
10. gifts of the Holy Spirit     a. serving/ministering
    b. teaching
    c. encouraging/exhorting
    d. contributing/sharing
    e. leading
    f. showing mercy
    g. word of wisdom
    h. word of knowledge
    i. distinguishing among spirits
    j. faith
    k. healing
    l. working of miracles
    m. prophesying
    n. speaking in tongues
    o. interpreting tongues
11. tongues
12. praying and worshiping with the spirit and soul
13. Holy Spirit, our intercessor
14. water baptism
15. Spirit baptism
16. knowledge taught, reminded, and revealed
17. Holy Spirit revival
E. SUMMARY, COMPARISONS, and other TRIADS   1. Three Persons
  2. Plan in nature
  3. common triads
  4. electromagnetic radiation representative of the Trinity
  5. rainbow symbolic of Jesus
  6. emotional conjunction
  7. the “Holy Triad”
  8. imitating God
VII. Lucifer/Satan A. ASPECTS of SATAN   1. original glory
  2. pride and downfall
  3. heavenly citizenship revoked
  4. attributes, titles and activities
  5. characteristics and capabilities
  6. Satan not God’s opposite
B. TEMPTATIONS, ACCUSATIONS, and ATTACKS   1. temptation of Eve and Adam
  2. accusation of Job
  3. accusation of Joshua
  4. legitimate accusations
  5. tormenting of Job
  6. endurance of Job
  7. incitement of David
  8. temptation of Jesus
  9. influencing of Peter
10. prompting and ruin of Judas
11. binding with sickness
12. warnings to resist Satan
C. RAMIFICATIONS of SATAN’S ACTIVITIES   1. world and human suffering
  2. desire for religious worship
  3. denial or acknowledgment of Satan
  4. satanic symbols     a. pentagram
    b. goat’s head
    c. upside-down cross
    d. “peace” sign
    e. ankh
    f. swastika
    g. number “666”
    h. encircled “A”
    i. hexagonal, elongated crystals
    j. chalice
    k. hooded black robe
    l. daggers, swords, and double axes
    m. black or white candles
    n. parchment paper
    o. Book of Shadows
  5. delusion and goal
  6. agenda and human “pawn”
  7. eventual fate
          Good Angels   1. the Angel of the Lord
  2. a mighty angel
  3. Prince of princes
  4. good spiritual princes
          Evil Angels   5. hierarchy of evil angels and demons
  6. rulers (principalities) and authorities
  7. destroyer angel
  8. powers of darkness and spiritual forces
  9. sons of God; angels in chains
10. giants
11. evil spiritual princes
B. ACTIVITIES and CHARACTERISTICS   1. angels and spirits sent by God and Satan
  2. ministering angels
  3. treacherous spirit
  4. injurious, tormenting spirit
  5. lying spirit
  6. demonic afflictions and ailments
  7. channeling
  8. spirit channelers and spirit guides
  9. deceiving information, false answers
10. Saul and the spirit medium of Endor
C. KNOWLEDGE and SUBMISSION to AUTHORITY   1. comprehension of the Gospel through people
  2. demons know Jesus
  3. why angels and demons submit to Jesus
  4. destination of evil angels and demons
IX. Realities vs. Counterfeits A. RELATIONSHIP vs. RELIGION   1. Christianity vs. “Christianism”
  2. “New Age” folly
  3. infiltration of “New Age” theology
  4. Christianity and Judaism vs. Islam
  5. the Bible vs. the Qur’an
  6. God fulfillment vs. God/spiritual substitutes
  7. Holy Spirit vs. religious spirits
  8. divine knowledge vs. divination
B. HUMILITY vs. PRIDE   1. selflessness vs. selfishness
  2. generosity vs. greed
  3. giving credit vs. taking credit
  4. pride at the top
  5. humiliation of King Nebuchadnezzar
  6. pride in our appearance
  7. fear vs. arrogance
C. SUBSTANTIAL THINGS vs. SUBSTITUTES and SHAMS   1. happiness vs. self-gratification
  2. law vs. sin and legalism
  3. insightful wisdom vs. intellectual folly
  4. fact vs. fantasy
  5. trust vs. disbelief
  6. healers vs. frauds
  7. evil spirit beings vs. space aliens
  8. food and supplements vs. food substitutes
  9. commitment to relationship with God
          Star Gospel   1. war and salvation in the sky
  2. Virgo and Coma
  3. Libra and Crux
  4. Scorpio and Ophiuchus
  5. Sagittarius
  6. Leo and Hydra
  7. Jesus vs. Satan
          Astrology   8. astrological religion and horoscopes
  9. out of harmony
10. reincarnation
11. astrology unscientific
X. Spiritual Warfare A. EVIL SPIRITUAL INFLUENCES   1. inner struggle
  2. generational curses
  3. spirits ruling over certain cities in the USA
  4. religious spiritual battles
  5. spiritual battle over Jerusalem
B. ARMOR, SPIRIT, and ANGELIC ASSISTANCE   1. spiritual weapons
  2. full armor of God
  3. truth
  4. righteousness
  5. Gospel of peace
  6. faith
  7. salvation
  8. the Word of God
  9. prayer
10. help from the Holy Spirit and good angels
11. battles among princes
C. PERSONAL BATTLE PLANS and STRATEGIES   1. taming the tongue
  2. instruction and repentance
  3. binding and loosing
  4. stronghold “doors” and “gates” in the heavenlies
  5. strongholds within the mind
XI. Prophecies in Daniel A. PROPHETIC DREAMS and VISIONS   1. Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams
  2. fulfillment of Nebuchadnezzar’s first dream
  3. Daniel’s dream
  4. commentary on the beasts of Daniel’s dream
  5. the EU nations
  6. the “little horn”
  7. John’s vision of a beast with horns
  8. “beast, ” “red dragon, ” and “little horn”
B. GABRIEL’S PROPHECY and INTERPRETATIONS   1. Gabriel’s prophecy to Daniel
  2. seventy “weeks” decreed
  3. one “week” and seven “weeks”
  4. Jewish captivity and release; temple rebuilt
  5. decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem
  6. seven “weeks” and sixty-two “weeks”
  7. Messiah killed; time count stopped
  8. destruction of Jerusalem and the temple
  9. Antiochus IV Epiphanes
C. FUTURE RAMIFICATIONS   1. the 70th Week covenant
  2. abomination, desolation, and distress
  3. preparations for the future temple
  4. identity of the end-time ruler
  5. Antichrist’s purposes and end
XII. The 70th Week A. OVERVIEW   1. understanding Revelation
  2. the sealed scroll
  3. “whirled peas”
  4. the first six seals     a. 1st Seal
    b. 2nd Seal
    c. 3rd Seal
    d. 4th Seal
    e. 5th Seal
    f. 6th Seal
  5. balance of the 70th Week
          Seal 1   1. first seal passages           Seal 2   2. second seal passages           Seal 3   3. third seal passages           Seal 4   4. fourth seal passages C. AFFLICTIONS and SIGNS (SEALS 5 & 6)
          Seal 5   1. middle of the 70th Week
  2. middle of the 70th Week passages
  3. Great Tribulation
  4. Antichrist’s rule
  5. the “New Age” church and its fall
  6. fatal wound
  7. mark of the beast
  8. deceivers and counterfeit miraculous signs
  9. the two witnesses
10. repentance, endurance, and overcoming     a. repentance
    b. endurance
    c. overcoming
11. fifth seal passages
          Seal 6 12. supernatural signs in the sky
13. supernatural signs on the earth
14. Shekinah Glory
15. anticipation of “peace and safety”
16. wrath of God
17. sealing of the 144,000 Jews
18. birth pains
19. sixth seal passages
          70th Week Closure   1. silence
  2. Day of the Lord
  3. apostasy and destruction
  4. three thirds and a remnant
  5. Divine Judgments
  6. Trumpet Judgments
  7. mystery accomplished
  8. physical return of Jesus
  9. blood-stained garments
10. regathering of the Jews
11. Spirit poured out
12. childbirth
13. wedding supper of the Lamb
14. Jesus’ final return passages
          Gog and Magog 15. Ezekiel’s prophecy
16. name and ally identification
17. interpretations     a. allied nations
    b. nation at “peace”
    c. demon forces
    d. earthquake comparison
    e. plague, blood, and hail comparison
    f. end of the 70th Week
          Extensions 18. Daniel 12:11,12
19. 30-day extension
20. Bowl Judgments
21. destruction of Antichrist and his armies
22. 30-day passages
23. 45-day extension
24. Day of the Lord (Seal 7) passages
          Associated Events   1. changed bodies
  2. caught up
  3. further indications of bodily resurrection
  4. Second Coming
  5. mourning
  6. trumpet blast
  7. Day of the Lord like the Great Flood
  8. multitude in white robes
          Views and Debates   9. Rapture controversy
10. “Pre-wrath” Rapture (Pre-WR)
11. “Pre-tribulation” Rapture (Pre-TR)
12. disputes with Pre-TR
13. “Mid-tribulation” Rapture (Mid-TR)
14. disputes with Mid-TR
15. “Post-tribulation” Rapture (Post-TR)
16. disputes with Post-TR
17. “Multiple” Raptures (MR)
18. discussion of MR
19. Rapture passages
F. DATES and INDICATORS of 70th WEEK EVENTS   1. dates of prophetic fulfillment
  2. Pre-TR vs. Pre-WR
  3. 70th Week precursors
  4. certainties and uncertainties
XIII. The Millennium A. THEORIES and ONSET   1. definition and views
  2. amillennial view
  3. postmillennial view
  4. premillennial view
  5. imminent onset of the Millennium
  6. foreshadowings of the Millennium     a. Noah
    b. Isaac
    c. Solomon
    d. Joseph
    e. Joash
    f. Jesus
    g. Transfiguration
B. RENOVATION and RULE   1. new heavens and new earth
  2. bright sun and moon
  3. Fountain and River of Living Water
  4. millennial Temple
  5. reign of Jesus
  6. reign of saints     a. those who will reign
    b. government under Jesus and the saints
    c. roles of saints
  7. David, the king
  8. utopia
C. WORLD CONDITIONS   1. acceptance of God by Israel
  2. Israel, God’s example
  3. abundance and prosperity not universal
  4. liberation from bondage to decay
  5. life span
  6. conclusion of the Millennium     a. rebellion of the masses
    b. final Judgment
  7. millennial passages
XIV. Hell & Heaven A. HELL   1. existence and purpose of hell
  2. references to hell     a. sheol or hades
    b. gehenna
    c. lake of fire; fiery furnace
    d. outer darkness
    e. Abyss
  3. rejection of God’s Plan
  4. disbelief in eternal separation from God     a. Acts 3:21
    b. 1 Cor. 15:22
    c. Phil. 2:9-11
    d. Col. 1:19,20
    e. 1 Tim. 2:5,6
    f. 1 Pet. 3:18a
    g. 1 Pet. 4:6
  5. sheep and goat nations
  6. wheat and weeds
  7. the rich man and the beggar
  8. destruction vs. punishment
  9. reasons for going to hell
10. degrees of punishment in hell
11. a necessary place
B. HEAVEN   1. God’s dwelling place
  2. saved spirits/souls in heaven after death
  3. inhabitants of heaven
  4. heaven in the north
  5. the New Jerusalem     a. free City
    b. City of promise and covenant
    c. City, walls, gates, and foundations
    d. size and shape of the City
    e. no more Temple
    f. eternal light
    g. no evil within
    h. street of gold; River and Tree of Life
    i. leaves for healing
    j. curses removed; eternal reign
  6. attributes of heaven
  7. eternal rewards, heavenly treasures
  8. activities in heaven
XV. Plan & Purpose A. FORMULATION of PLAN and PURPOSE   1. God’s Plan
  2. purposes of Jesus and Israel
  3. purpose of Satan
  4. purpose of other angels
  5. purpose of time
  6. people’s purpose
  7. purpose of death
B. ACTING on PURPOSE   1. on and off the track
  2. temptations and tests
  3. finding purpose
  4. purpose of the second birth
  5. personal plans and endeavors
  6. “good” vs. “right”
  7. living connections
C. INDIVIDUAL PURPOSES   1. purpose of names
  2. purpose of family, friends, and acquaintances
  3. special people and their purposes
  4. my purpose
  5. your purpose
  6. real eternal choice

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