Search Engines

You can search the world wide web for answers to your questions by using various search engines, such as the ones listed below.  To make a search, do these things:
  1. Click on a link to a search engine.
  2. Type in a word or words to find out more about it/them.
  3. If you want the search engine to search for two or more words as a unit (i.e., in the exact order in which they are typed), insert double quotation marks before and after the words (e.g., "search engines").
  4. Search for pages containing those words by clicking on the “Search,” “Find,” “Go,” or “Ask” button, or simply by pressing the Enter button on your keyboard.
  5. Once a page of results appears, click on one or more hyperlinks on that page to find pages relating to the topic for which you are searching.

Use one of these search engines to search the web:

Google Yahoo LookSmart
Bing Lycos AOL
Ask MSN InfoSpace

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