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Dec. 31, 2009

I was invited to share an Asian feast tonight.  That was hard to pass up.  But first I had to take photos of the “blue” moon: the second full moon this month.

8-second slideshow

The homemade Asian food was outstanding.  There were egg rolls, brown rice, stir fried vegetables, green onion soup, fried tofu, and plum wine.  What made it even better was the spicy Thai peanut sauce and the red hot Vietnamese chili paste, Sambal Oelek.  The latter was even hotter than the hot salsa I got for Christmas.



Man, that meal was yummy!  Yes, I had seconds (and sixths on the red hot sauce).  Oh yeah, there also were cheesecake and fruitcake for dessert.  Then I found a bunch of bok choy that somebody forgot to cook and munched on a (raw) stalk of that.  Mmmm, that might be my favorite vegetable, especially steamed.  Finally, of course, there was champagne (one small glass for me).

25-second slideshow

Then I went out and took another photo of the “blue” moon:

Well, there are only three (3) more full moons until the beginning of Passover Week 2010.  Then we should know, for certain, whether or not my hypothesis about the European Neighbourhood Policy is correct.  According to the official U.S. time, here is the last second of the year; within the next few months, we might wish that we could come back to it:

Dec. 29, 2009

President Obama spoke today, for the second time, about the attempted terrorist attack on a Northwest Airlines plane on Christmas Day.  He referred to it as a “systemic failure”:

President Obama: "Systemic failure has occurred"

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian, evidently tried to blow up the plane, with 278 passengers aboard, using plastic explosives attached to his underwear.  If it weren’t for the hero of the day, Jasper Schuringa, who pulled the flaming detonater and/or explosives away from Mutallab, that plane very likely would have gone down, either in Detroit, Michigan, or in Windsor, Ontario.

I am missing a “link,” though, which is something that even Obama questioned.  Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, the father of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, reported his son’s fanatical religious views to the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria six months ago.  I’d like to know who “dropped the ball” and did not get that terrorist fool’s name onto an international no-fly list.  Maybe we’ll find out next year.

In any case, I have heard that there are a few hundred radical Islamic terrorists waiting for opportune times to carry out attacks on U.S. targets.  I have a pretty strong feeling that we will find that out, as well, in 2010.

If my hypothesis about the seven-year European Neighbourhood Policy and Daniel 9:27 is correct, then next year—the middle year of my proposed 70th Week period—will be a critical year in human history.  We should know, for certain, by April 4: the Feast of Firstfruits 2010.

Dec. 25, 2009

Although I do not believe that December 25 was Jesus’ birthday (but, more likely, Sukkot in late September to early October), and I do not celebrate it as such, I enjoy the day.  I certainly do remember, and rejoice, that Yeshua/Jesus, Immanuel (God with us), came to earth to be a substitutionary sacrifice for wrongdoers and transgressors like myself.  However, that is something I think about throughout the year.  December 25 is just another day to me.

Admittedly, I do like Christmas tree lights, music, and food, even though I look at them as seasonal things and not a celebration of Jesus.  I discourage others from getting me gifts, since typically random gifts to me are things that I will not use.  And I am not into “But Ted, it’s the thought that counts” idealism.  Ho hum.

However, notwithstanding my protests, I did receive three gifts today that I like.  I think it is quite possible that the headband flashlight will come in useful at some point (like in a power outage—somehow, I feel sooner rather than later).  My top two favorite types of nuts are almonds and pistachios, in that order.

8-second slideshow

As for the hot salsa, it contains red, habanero, jalapeño, and pequin chili peppers.  The “heat scale” near the bottom of the jar looks like it indicates either an “8” or a “9”; I cannot tell which.  The salsa is not quite hot enough, although it is pretty tasty.  I wonder if anyone sells molten lava in a jar.

Sacrificial Altar ModelIn other news, the The Temple Institute in Jerusalem announced today that a model of the sacrificial altar has been completed.  It is a common assumption that sacrifices and offerings, on an altar, cannot take place again unless the Third Temple is standing.  However, this is not true.  According to Ezra,

Then Jeshua son of Jozadak and his fellow priests and Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel and his associates began to build the altar of the God of Israel to sacrifice burnt offerings on it, in accordance with what is written in the Law of Moses the man of God.  Despite their fear of the peoples around them, they built the altar on its foundation and sacrificed burnt offerings on it to the LORD, both the morning and evening sacrifices.  Then in accordance with what is written, they celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles with the required number of burnt offerings prescribed for each day.  After that, they presented the regular burnt offerings, the New Moon sacrifices and the sacrifices for all the appointed sacred feasts of the LORD, as well as those brought as freewill offerings to the LORD.  On the first day of the seventh month they began to offer burnt offerings to the LORD, though the foundation of the LORD's temple had not yet been laid. (Ezra 3:2-6)

It can be seen, then, that sacrifices were presented on an altar before the foundation of the Second Temple had been laid.  Perhaps this also will occur without the presence of a Third Temple.

Dec. 24, 2009

Well, there are 60 U.S. Senators, all Democrats, for whom I now have, essentially, no respect.  Firstly, they voted to continue the progress of what I feel will be one of the most disastrous bills in U.S. history—the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”—assuming a final bill ultimately passes in the House of Representatives next year.  Secondly, until today, the Senate had not gathered for a vote on Christmas Eve since 1895.

I am not unmindful of, nor insensitive to, the fact that there are many Americans who do not have health insurance and who have been denied coverage unfairly.  There also are many health insurance companies who are corrupt and greedy.  Yes, our present health care system does need to be revised, maybe even overhauled.  However, right now is not the time, in our present recession (which, I feel quite certain, will grow much worse), for such radical, comprehensive changes to be made in our health care system.

Furthermore, if such far-reaching changes in the nation’s health care system ultimately are made, it will be analogous to two other failures: Social Security (1935) and Medicare (1965), both of which are insolvent, bankrupt systems today.  Essentially, the federal government has an “anti-Midas touch” on virtually everything it touches.  I trust the government to run the nation’s massive health care system about as much as I would trust a toddler with a BIC lighter playing next to a swimming pool full of gasoline.

Also, new taxes and fees—which will begin almost immediately after the bill’s passage, even though legislation will not be fully implemented until 2014—will diminish job creation and preservation, in a time of escalating unemployment.  In addition, the Medicare payroll tax would be increased.  Excise taxes would be levied on high-premium insurance policies.  Naturally, less people would take out such policies, resulting in less-than-expected taxes being collected.

In any case, all that is left now is for the Senate and the House to reach a compromise on their respective bills.  Then a final vote will send the bill to Barack Obama’s desk, which he is itching to sign.  I really hope that this process will grind to a halt, soon after the first of the year.  However, I am about as optimistic about that as I am that income taxes and death suddenly will be abolished next year.

Dec. 18, 2009

On the final day of the 12-day United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, Barack Obama gave a very anticlimactic, lackluster speech on climate change:

Obama's Copenhagen Speech

I felt that it was rather amusing that during this “global warming summit,” a blizzard practically paralyzed Copenhagen by dumping 4 inches of snow on the city.

Blizzard Dumps Snow on Copenhagen
as Leaders Battle Warming

Furthermore, yesterday, it was reported that there was a record-breaking low temperature of -5° C or about 23° F (the previous low was -4° C or about 25° F) in Copenhagen.  I think it must be due to the Al Gore Effect:  Wherever he goes, the black hole in his head sucks up all the heat.

Dec. 14, 2009

Tonight is the fourth night of Hanukkah (see my Dec. 11 entry).  I decided to make potato latkes, a traditional Hanukkah treat.  I also decided to throw in a few matzo balls, even though they usually are eaten at Passover (see Apr. 9, when I last made both of these).


20-second slideshow

They turned out great!  Yum!  We ate some after we lit the fourth candle and said the Hanukkah Blessings.

Dec. 13, 2009

Check out the following link.  Although it has nothing to do with “regifting,” it may totally amaze you, but only if you follow her directions exactly and subtract the numbers correctly:

Regifting Robin

If you cannot figure out how she does that, email me and I will tell you. 

Dec. 11, 2009

As far as I am concerned, Christmas is highly over-rated.  The commercialism, and the fact that most people feel “obligated” to spend exorbitant amounts of money on decorations and gifts, is a huge turn-off to me.  Besides all that, I am convinced that Jesus was born during Sukkot, in late September or early October, not in December.

On the other hand, I do like to celebrate Hanukkah: the Festival of Lights or Feast of Dedication.  Even Jesus went to the temple to observe it (John 10:22,23).  Tonight is the first night of that eight-day festival.  Click on Hanukkah Blessings to see how to light the menorah candles, as well as to view blessings that may be read while lighting the candles each night.

8-second slideshow

Now, I have seen many interpretations and explanations of this passage:

From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days.  Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days. (Daniel 12:11,12)

I believe that the last half of the final seven years (the 70th Week) will last 1,260 days (Revelation 11:3, 12:6).  Then there will be two extensions to the 70th Week: 30 days (bringing the count to 1,290 days), and finally 45 days beyond that (totalling 1,335 days).  These and other details are explained in my Final Battles commentary.

Very briefly, I believe that starting the count in the middle of the 70th Week (with the setting up of the abomination that causes desolation), Yeshua’s (Jesus’) second advent to earth will be on day #1,260—Yom Kippur—at which time He will destroy the armies of Gog and Magog attacking Israel.  Then, 30 days after that, on day #1,290, the Battle of Armageddon will take place.

Finally, 45 days after that, on day #1,335, I feel it is very likely that the millennial Temple will be consecrated and dedicated, on the first day of Hanukkah (or Chanukah), 75 days after Yom Kippur.  For about 20 years, I have believed there to be a very high probability that the timing of all these events will be as I have described.

Now, what is quite remarkable and fascinating is that April 4, 2010 (the Feast of Firstfruits = Easter Sunday), is the midpoint of my proposed 70th Week period.  (At this time, there could be a partial Mid-Tribulation Rapture of “firstfruits” believers, in fulfillment of Matthew 25:1-13.)  Considering April 4, 2010, to be day #1, then day #1,260 turns out to be September 14, 2013—Yom Kippur.

Furthermore, day #1,335 will be November 28, 2013—which happens to be the first day of Hanukkah of that year.  So if my hypothesis (that the seven-year European Neighbourhood Policy is the prophesied agreement of Daniel 9:27) turns out not to be correct, then all I can say is that there sure are a whole lot of amazing coincidences that have appeared to support my deductions quite compellingly.

In other news, it seems to be looking increasingly possible that the United Nations, unilaterally, will recognize a Palestinian state.  Barack Obama very well may support this.  And Israel may not even have a choice in the matter.

U.S. to back unilateral declaration
of Palestinian state?

About five months ago, I made two entries (July 12 and July 13) about this same issue, except involving Javier Solana.  He was urging the United Nations to adopt a two-state solution and accept the Palestinian state as a full member of the UN.  This was apart from any involvement by Israel. It really is amazing how much Javier Solana and Barack Obama think alike on this matter, as indicated in my June 14 entry.

Dec. 9, 2009

Today, a very strange phenomenon was seen just before dawn, over a wide region of Norway, by thousands of people.  A spiral of light was seen to be moving through the sky.  There have been many different personal accounts of the event.

A common consensus seems to be that a white light appeared from behind a mountain and soared up into the sky.  It stopped and began to circulate, like a spiral.  Then a spiraling blue light was emitted from the center of the white spiral, back down to the ground.  Before long the original spiral dissipated, as a black or dark gray disc grew from the center outward.  Here is an interesting and descriptive video, by a Norwegian, of the episode:

Strange Spiral Light Phenomena Over Norway

This web page has several good photos:

Unexplained White and Blue Light Spirals in Norwegian Sky

Interestingly, this is one day before Barack Obama accepts his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway.  Some have suggested that this was a trial run of “Project Blue Beam.”  The most comprehensive description of this project that I have found is a transcription of a presentation by Serge Monast, a French-speaking Canadian journalist (deceased), in 1994:

The Greatest Hoax

If this is true, I would expect there to be an escalation, after some undetermined point in the future, of unexplained phenomena in the sky seen worldwide.

Dec. 7, 2009

Yesterday, Sunday Dec. 6, Barack Obama spoke to the Senate Democratic Caucus at the U. S. Capitol, in an attempt to gain their support for his health care bill.  Soon thereafter, Harry Reid called the entire Senate into session.  All of this is extremely rare for a Sunday, which is considered to be the Sabbath by most of Christendom.  This article gives more details:

Congressional Health Care Sunday?

Actually, although I do not have a problem with church attendance on Sunday, I personally prefer to celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday, since it is the seventh day of the week.  (No, I am not a Seventh Day Adventist.)  Yet, on Saturday Dec. 5, the Senate also met in a rare session.

Admittedly, I do have a problem with Congress meeting on weekends.  I see it as merely another example of lack of respect of God’s commandments by government.  Of course, it does not surprise me, as I expect to see a great deal more “dissing” of God before Jesus returns.

Dec. 3, 2009

My friend and I are staying at Las Palomas in Santa Fe for 5 nights.  The room is very nice.  The best thing is that he is paying for everything (actually, the company he works for is, since he is attending a conference).

We have the fireplace raging because, right now, it is 5° with a wind chill temperature of -10°, and it isn’t even winter yet.  There’s even snow on the ground.  This place is interesting to visit, but I don’t think I’d like to live here!  By the way, Santa Fe has the highest elevation (7,000 feet) of all the state capitals in the USA


One of the main things I like about this place is their awesome continental breakfast, served from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. every morning.  I bet I’ll be gaining a few pounds this week.  At home, I typically don’t even begin eating anything until after noon.


33-second slideshow

Here, I’m eating a big breakfast, a nominal lunch, and often a relatively large dinner, such as the one we had at Rancho de Chimayo (combination Mexican plates with HOT red and green chile...M-M-M!):

15-second slideshow

Oh, and I took a photo of the full moon last night, as I do sometimes.  I wish that the new moon could be photographed; I would take pictures of that occasionally, as well. 

Dec. 2, 2009

In a “European Security and the Middle East Report” today, Javier Solana proposed that “after a ‘fixed deadline,’ a UN Security Council resolution should proclaim the adoption of the two-state solution which should include the following parameters: borders based on those of 1967, the fate of refugees, the status of Jerusalem and security arrangements. The UN would then accept the Palestinian state as a full member.”  Solana has been pressing the UN to do this for several months (see my entries of July 12 and July 13).

To see where he has quoted this in the lengthy report, do these things:

If anything, he is persistent and consistent.  However, I wonder if it’s ever going to happen.

Dec. 1, 2009

Today I met a good friend of mine, from northern California, at the airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We’ve been friends for over 30 years.  He invited me to come hang out with him for several days in Santa Fe, where he will be attending a pediatrics conference.  On the way out of Albuquerque, he wanted to stop at Sandia Casino, since last week I jokingly had told him, in an email, that he was going to hit his first Royal Flush in poker while in NM.

I do not advocate gambling, and I had just planned to watch him play for awhile.  However, there were two adjacent nickel draw poker machines available, so he wanted me to play the one next to his.  After about 10 minutes, I was ahead more than $15.

Then I was dealt the 10, Jack, Queen, & Ace of Hearts.  Laughing, I told my friend, “OK, you press the draw button so that I can get a Royal Flush.”  He reached over, pressed the button, and the King of Hearts appeared for the Royal Flush (4,000 nickels = $200).

5-second slideshow

Immediately, I went out to the car and got my camera, sneaked it into the casino, and photographed the jackpot hand on the machine.  I’m pretty sure that cameras are against casino policy, but oh well; I’m not a big follower of the world’s rules sometimes.  Awhile later, I got the second highest hand in poker, a Straight Flush (5, 6, 7, 8, & 9 of Diamonds), on a different machine.

I figured that I shouldn’t press my luck, so I quit while I was $240 ahead.  And, no, I still do not advocate gambling.  In the long run, you are bound to lose!

Nov. 30, 2009

Hurva Synagogue, JerusalemIn the 18th Century, rabbinic authority Vilna Gaon predicted that the Hurva Synagogue, in Jerusalem, would be destroyed twice and rebuilt twice.  What is even more interesting is how he also predicted that, immediately upon the dedication of the third Hurva Synagogue, construction of the Third Temple would begin.

Well, the Hurva Synagogue has been destroyed twice, the last time in 1948.  In 2001, the final decision was made to rebuild it, for the third time.  Construction was begun in 2005, and it should be completed soon, with its dedication scheduled for March 15, 2010.  If the Vilna Gaon’s prophecy is correct, the Third Temple’s construction should begin soon thereafter.  Read more details here:

Will the Third Temple be built next year?

Now, I have hypothesized that the seven-year European Neighbourhood Policy may be the fulfillment of the prophesied seven-year agreement in Daniel 9:27.  Furthermore, the middle of my hypothesized seven-year period is the Feast of Firstfruits 2010 (Easter Sunday), which occurs on April 4, 2010.  For my hypothesis to be correct, sacrifice and offering would have to be put to a stop in Jerusalem—presumably in the Third Temple—by then.

Certainly, the Third Temple could not be rebuilt, completely, in a couple of weeks, to be fully ready by Passover Week 2010.  However, remember that construction of the sacrificial altar stone, for the next temple, began on July 30.  Furthermore, in ancient times, sacrifices on a new altar began even before the foundation of the Second Temple was laid (Ezra 3:2-6).

So, maybe, the Temple Institute might begin sacrificing on an altar, placed inside of the partially-rebuilt Third Temple.  Perhaps, instead, construction of the Third Temple will begin well before March 15, and it will be completely rebuilt before that point.  Any and all of this is mere speculation, of course.  In a few months, we will know for certain.

My point is that we cannot place God in a “box” and assume that He will do things the way that we think they “should” be done.  It is so “human” to think that way; yet He is infinitely far above the way that we think and comprehend (Isaiah 55:8,9).

The first stone of the Third Temple will be laid not one moment before or after the Lord has designated for it to be laid.  He does what He wishes—even if it confounds us—and He always will.  If we want to be “on board” with that, we must strive to conform to His Will.

That is one of the main things that I love about Him.  I long to learn about His ways, and I want to make His Will be my will (Matthew 6:10), forevermore.  Could anything be more awesome and breathtaking than the good and perfect Will of God being infused into us, permanently, for all eternity?  I am convinced that nothing could be as magnificent as that.

I believe that multitudes will experience this at a handful of Rapture events.  Perhaps the first one will be a transformation of “firstfruits” believers, on the Feast of Firstfruits, in a partial Mid-tribulation Rapture.

Nov. 26, 2009

I hope that you had a happy Thanksgiving.  We did.  Several different types of foods were consumed.  I made cornbread dressing (plus an extra batch of cornbread, with jalapeño peppers), whipped potatoes, and a chocolate cake.

10-second slideshow

During the day, I thought about the numerous families who have been adversely affected by the severe economic downturn.  It made me sad to think that many of them probably did not have a nice Thanksgiving at all.  I wish I could say that I think things will be “looking up” for them soon; however, I do not feel that this will be true, in most cases.

I told the Lord, a number of times today (as I often do), that I am exceedingly thankful for the sure and definite hope of His coming.  Quite seriously, I look forward to nothing more than that.  The thought that He will be coming relatively soon, to rule and reign over the earth, often brings me sudden feelings of joy and jubilation.  And I know that I certainly am not the only one in that blissful boat.

Nov. 23, 2009

One of the most visited pages at my website is Special ALT Characters, located in my HTML Tutorial section.  Most programs and applications will recognize many, but not necessarily all, of the Alt characters.

Many people who know various languages like to be able to type characters in those languages.  Rather than go through the process of making each as an Alt character, I think that this site would be more useful instead: Typeit.

In other news, I found this article to be very interesting:

Lord Lawson calls for public inquiry into
UEA global warming data "manipulation"

Nov. 19, 2009

In Europe, Herman Van Rompuy, Prime Minister of Belgium, has been chosen to be the new European Council President.  Catherine Ashton, UK trade commissioner, will become the new EU Foreign Policy Chief.  Read more here:

EU chooses unknowns for new top jobs

I have received comments indicating that, in light of this new development, the European Neighbourhood Policy might not be be the prophesied seven-year agreement of Daniel 9:27.  At least two reasons have been suggested:

  1. It would seem that Herman Van Rompuy, the first President of the EU, would be in a good position to negotiate the prophesied seven-year agreement involving Israel.
  2. Catherine Ashton has replaced Javier Solana as the EU Foreign Policy Chief.  Now that Solana is retired, it would seem that now he is “out of the big picture,” prophetically speaking.  Maybe even Ms. Ashton could be helpful in forging the seven-year agreement.

I think I am missing a link.  There is nothing inherent in the office of the EU presidency, nor of the EU foreign policy chief, that should make anyone occupying either of those positions, potentially, to become the most important or powerful person in the world.

Furthermore, I see no reason why Solana’s retirement from the office of EU foreign policy chief should prevent him from playing a principal role in a future global government.  Don’t forget that he was, and is, a primary advocate and supporter of the seven-year European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), as well as of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Euromed), which the ENP both confirms and strengthens.

If anything, I would think that not being tied down to his previous job anymore would free Solana to participate, more extensively, in international affairs.  I pointed this out, in so many words, on July 6, the day after he announced his approaching retirement.  Furthermore, Solana continues to hold the post of Secretary-General of the Western European Union (WEU), which he has held since 1999.

I feel that Van Rompuy and Ashton probably were chosen because they both are virtual unknowns.  Neither one is very outspoken or influential.  I believe that the real leaders within Europe—Gordon Brown (United Kingdom), Nicolas Sarkozy (France), and Angela Merkel (Germany)—did not want strong, prominent leaders at the top of the EU.

Now, here is a possible scenario involving Javier Solana, although of course it is speculative (which, generally, I tend not to be):

The U.S. dollar collapses suddenly, and a shockwave occurs around the world, resulting in the collapse of numerous stock markets and other currencies.  There is a subsequent global socio-economic failure, and everybody panics.  This is on top of the H1N1 pandemic, widespread famines, an escalation in hostilities everywhere, a gigantic earthquake in California or the American Midwest, and other calamities and unrest.

Everyone scrambles to find a person who has a record of being a “trusted” and experienced diplomat and emissary, who is known by most of the world’s leaders, and who is seen to be competent and well-respected.  Javier Solana appears to be a logical choice to many, and even Barack Obama endorses him.  So Solana comes out of “retirement,” roles up his sleeves, and begins the arduous task of “putting the world back together again.”

Again, all of this is mere conjecture but, I believe, plausible nonetheless.  If you’ve ever visited Solana’s You Tube page, you should.  In the column on the right are four categories of videos (Uploads, Favorites, Javier Solana on the road, and Javier Solana speaks to the...).  At the bottom of each category is a “see all” link, which you can click on to have access to all of the videos in that category.  Just because Solana no longer is the EU foreign policy chief does not mean that he necessarily has dropped out of sight.  Certainly, a multitude of important leaders he has met, around the world, have not forgotten about him.

Merely the title of the article referred to above, EU chooses unknowns for new top jobs, seems to enhance the possibility that someone other than those two people, Herman Van Rompuy and Catherine Ashton, will turn out to be the end-time global leader: the Antichrist.  They are virtual “unknowns”; who would entrust either of them with the overwhelming task of putting the world back together?  I doubt that many, if any, would.

I do need to point out, though, that Van Rompuy (who has been seen attending meetings of the Bilderberg group) evidently supports the management of nations by a global government.  In a speech today, Van Rompuy stated the following (as translated into English):

2009 is the first year of global governance, with the establishment of the G-20 in the middle of the financial crisis.  The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step toward the global management of our planet.

As I have for 3 years, I continue to consider the possibility that the ENP is not the prophesied seven-year agreement and that another one could materialize.  Even if the ENP is “the one,” it is possible that someone else could emerge as the final global leader.  However, it would seem that such a man would have to be closely associated with the ENP, as is the case with Javier Solana.

So far, I still have seen absolutely nothing that contradicts or negates the possibility that the seven-year ENP is the agreement described in Daniel 9:27.  The fact that Solana no longer is the EU foreign policy chief certainly does not cause me to question my hypothesis—so far, anyway.  In fact, this new development may even strengthen my theory.  And, yes, it is a “theory” or “hypothesis,” rather than a “prediction” or “prophecy.”

Nov. 16, 2009

I visited a friend in Fullerton (not far from S.C.C.O., where I attended school decades ago).  He offered me a piece of peanut brittle, which might have been the best I’ve ever tasted.  He told me that the recipe was from another friend, now deceased, with an interesting story attached.  Go here to see more:

Bob Ray and His Peanut Brittle Recipe

By the way, the Leonid Meteor Shower should be visible tonight and tomorrow night.  Tonight there is a new moon, so the viewing should be decent, in many places in the Northern Hemisphere, during the early morning hours of darkness.  There could be a strong shower this year, with more than 500 meteors per hour.

Nov. 14, 2009

A friend and I drove to Palm Springs to meet a friend of hers.  She has a time-share place here.  I’ve always enjoyed Palm Springs; it’s a nice place in a desert/mountain location.


We took the aerial tramway, a 2½-mile ride from the valley floor, elevation 2,643 feet, up to Mount San Jacinto, at 8,516 feet.  This also involved about a 30° drop in temperature, so we had to wear warm clothes.  At the top, we spent about 3 hours hiking all over the place.  We even saw snow.  It was a very fun day.


45-second slideshow

Palm Springs is a nice place to visit, but I would not want to live here.  It is way too close to the San Andreas Fault.  The seismic activity on this and nearby faults, over eons of time, formed the mountain range here.  This gigantic fault is long overdue to “pop” with the “big one” in So. CA.  I sure would not want to be riding on that tram when it happens.

By the way, according to The Bible Code book, the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake was predicted in the ancient Hebrew code of the Bible.  I remember that quake (at about 4:30 a.m., January 17, 1994) very well.  Although I was 55 miles away from the epicenter, my house in Irvine shook so much that I feared it might come off of its foundation.


It seems that another great earthquake is predicted for Los Angeles, in the Hebrew year 5770, that is 2010 (click on the two small graphic images above).  Author Michael Drosnin, on page 142, noted that the Bible code seems to predict that Los Angeles will feel the big earthquake Los Angeles in 2010.  We’ll see.  [Retroactive entry:  On April 4, 2010, the Baja California earthquake, magnitude 7.2, was felt in much of the southwest United States, including in Los Angeles.]

Nov. 12, 2009

Evidently in anticipation of the release tomorrow (Friday the 13th) of the sci-fi thriller, 2012, I have received more comments than usual about my email response to the following question:  If we have entered the 70th Week, do you see any special significance to the year 2012?  Apparently, there are some who believe I am unrealistically “fearful” or “paranoid” about the possibility that an asteroid could strike the earth and/or that one would not be detected in plenty of time before it did.  Oh really?  Check out a short interview of Michio Kaku, a theoretical physics professor, by Bill Hemmer of Fox News Channel this morning:

Dodged a Bullet

In the interview, Dr. Kaku makes a reference to an asteroid that recently (October 8) exploded in the atmosphere over Indonesia:

Asteroid Explosion over Indonesia

So then, do I believe that an asteroid is going to destroy the earth?  Absolutely not.  However, I do feel that, most likely, one about the size of a mountain will crash into an ocean or sea, causing at least moderate damage (Revelation 8:8,9).  If the timing of my 70th Week hypothesis is correct, I believe that the optimum time for this to occur will be in the Fall of 2012.  Attempting to prevent it from taking place will be an utter waste of time and money.

So what can any of us do to avoid this and other end-time devastation?  My advice is to develop as close of a relationship with the Lord Jesus, increasingly submitting to the sovereign Will of God, and encouraging others to do the same.  Being a believer will enable one to be part of the Pre-wrath Rapture, just prior to the “day of vengeance,” during which several severe judgments will be doled out upon an unbelieving world.

I also encourage you to be the equivalent of a “wise virgin” (Matthew 25:2,4,10).  Very possibly, this will will result in your being removed, even sooner, following a partial Mid-tribulation Rapture of “firstfruits” believers.  This conjecture will be proven right or wrong by April 4, 2010: the Feast of Firstfruits = Easter Sunday—see Is it possible that Jesus' parable about the ten virgins could indicate that there will be a Mid-tribulation Rapture?

Nov. 8, 2009

My cousin in Alabama sent me a table showing differences between the symptoms of a cold and the symptoms of the H1N1 flu.  You can view the chart here:

Know the Difference Between
Cold and H1N1 Flu Symptoms

Thanks, cuz.  I’m sure that many will find this to be useful.  I encourage people to have surgical masks on hand, as this pandemic continues to become increasingly widespread.

When I flew recently, I saw some people wearing these masks.  I expect the incidence of that to increase, especially next year.

Nov. 7, 2009

At the gym, I usually have my earphones on listening to either AM 600 KOGO, San Diego, or AM 640 KFI, Los Angeles.  Today, I was listening to Leo Laporte, “the Tech Guy,” who knows almost everything about anything electronic.  He was expressing his reservations about the eventual passage of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), an international treaty.  For the most part, ACTA has remained secret or, at most, under the “radar” of most.  Most of what we know about it has been “leaked.”

According to Leo Laporte, one stipulation of ACTA, if it passes, pertains to a “Three Strikes” rule.  Potentially, any internet service provider (ISP) could be forced to stop service to a person who is simply accused (not convicted) of downloading copyrighted material illegally, three times.  Evidently, the latter is in effect, or has been in effect at some point, in some countries:

UK users face 'three strikes' Internet ban: Kicked off for copyright infringement

Mandelson puts 'three strikes' internet plan in motion

What if someone splices into your Wi-Fi connection, in a public place, and downloads something illegally?  What if someone, who has discovered the user name and password of your account, logs onto your account and performs an illegal download?  There are a host of possible ways that an innocent person could be falsely accused and, potentially, banned from the internet.  According to Laporte, if your ISP bans you, they will be obligated to release your name to other ISPs, who in turn will be legally obligated to refuse service to you as well.  Here is a recent article about this:

Leaked ACTA Internet Provisions: Three Strikes and a Global DMCA

I merely am providing the very “tip of the iceberg” about this issue.  If you have questions, you can do the research on the internet, as well as I can, and find out more information about it yourself.  My main concern is that if ACTA becomes a global treaty, it could become extremely invasive of people’s rights.  For instance, according to the ACTA report on Wikipedia, “the proposed agreement would empower security officials at airports and other international borders to conduct random ex officio searches of laptops, MP3 players, and cellular phones for illegally downloaded or 'ripped' music and movies. Travellers with infringing content would be subject to a fine and may have their devices confiscated or destroyed.”  And that is only one small element of the “treaty.”

Considering how I strongly expect a global government to emerge relatively soon, and that we now may be over three years into the 70th Week, I am extremely wary of global agreements, especially those that could become law without the knowledge of most people and could over-ride the sovereignty of individual nations.  Another one is the Copenhagen Protocol (climate change treaty), mentioned in my Oct. 20 entry, which is coming up in December.  Furthermore, I have no doubt that more such treaties, burdening and oppressing the world’s population with extensive and far-reaching laws and regulations, are on the horizon.  We might as well anticipate them.

Nov. 5, 2009

I had a great time in Alabama for a couple of weeks.  Now I’m back in Southern California.  This afternoon, I had an enjoyable walk through one of my favorite greenbelts in Irvine, which I miss if I am away from it for too long.  By the way, the “714” in my email address (TMont714@aol.com) was Irvine’s area code many years ago, before it was changed to “949” a few years back.

13-second slideshow

Irvine is my favorite city in Orange County.  There are city ordinances against things such as telephone or electric wires above ground, as well as billboards.  Plus, there are several nice parks and lakes located in various places.  So the whole city is aesthetically pleasing (except that there used to be orange groves everywhere, and most of those are gone).

Also, there are bicycle lanes and paths everywhere, and I have had some great rides here.  My favorite route is University Drive, past UC Irvine, to Eastbluff Drive in Newport Beach, then Back Bay Drive along Upper Newport Bay, down to Jamboree Road and across to Balboa Island.

By that time, I am ready for the relaxing ferry trip over to Balboa Peninsula.  Then I ride along the beach to the pier, and all the way back to Irvine again, the same way I came.  It is hard to beat the scenic views on that outing.

I used to have a West Highland White Terrier.  For several years, she walked with me along this greenbelt, and we were very close.  After she was gone, I didn’t grieve or miss her for too long.  By and large, I am dominated more by my brain than by my heart.  I am not emotionless; however, I attempt, primarily, to see things logically and, secondarily, to feel them emotionally.

A few people I know either have lost pets this year, or they presently are dealing with sickly pets, who may “check out” at any time.  If I give my advice, it is to say what I would do, personally, which is not necessarily what they should do.  For me, the expense (food and vet bills), the invasion of my freedom and independence (such as having to find someone to deal with my pet when I am away), plus the loss when the pet is gone, all far outweigh any “good times” or “emotional bonding” that I would have with another pet.

I pretty much love all domesticated animals equally.  I like how my interaction with them, especially cats and dogs, teaches me about God’s relationship with me.  Anyway, I don’t need my own animal(s), because I always can enjoy being around other people’s pets, for as long as I want, in case I need a “pet fix.”

Nov. 4, 2009

Back on July 1, I was suggesting that Governor Schwarzenegger should just declare California bankrupt and be done with it.  Recently, California taxpayers began seeing an additional 10% being withheld from their paychecks.  However, lawmakers do not call it a “tax increase”; in effect, it is a “compulsory interest-free loan from taxpayers to the state.”  Read more about it here:

California Stealin'

California is in colossal trouble socio-economically.  This state is utterly desperate to dig itself out of its “deep doo doo” mess, even to the extent of performing the drastic measure of forcing “loans” from its citizens—money that may get paid back in IOUs, or else may never be paid back at all.  And I have very little doubt that more drastic measures are to come.  People in other states:  Beware!  California leads the nation in many ways—even in reprehensible ones.

Anyone who believes that the economy and monetary system of the USA, or of any state, is going to be revived and regenerated is living in an idealistic fantasy.  It is not going to happen—that is, until Jesus returns, perhaps on Yom Kippur 2013, after which everything will be under His control.  Thank God for that.

Nov. 3, 2009

Someone linked me to the following narratives, which essentially are dreams or visions that two people claimed to have had, one in 1993 and one in 2009.  The person who brought them to my attention pointed out the common denominator of how they both seem to support the idea of a partial Mid-tribulation Rapture of “firstfruits” believers.  The only modifications I’ve made to these accounts are a few changes in grammar and punctuation:

I cannot and will not attest to the validity or reliability of either of these dreams/visions.  I know nothing about the people who wrote them.  I only am including these here because if my 70th Week hypothesis is correct, and if there is going to be a sudden, unexpected intervention by God at the midpoint of that interval of time, these accounts would seem to corroborate this.  If so, presumably this intervention would take place on or around the Feast of Firstfruits 2010 (that is, Resurrection Day or Easter Sunday), about five months from now.

Rather than there being an immediate catching up of some believers, there might be a supernatural “infusion” or “impartation” of power and indestructibility onto these believers at that time.  Then, like Jesus, they would remain on the earth for forty days (Acts 1:3), doing the bidding of God, until taken up into heaven.  Believers remaining behind still would have the opportunity to be caught up at the main Pre-wrath Rapture, at a later time.  If anything, all of this is something interesting to contemplate.

Nov. 1, 2009

We had a tasty dinner, Chicken Fried Rice, which was purchased at Aldi food store.  After leaving the package out of the freezer for about 5 hours to thaw, it was incredibly easy to prepare.  The pre-cooked chicken was heated in a frying pan for 2 minutes.  The rice and vegetables were added, stirring frequently, for 6 minutes.  Then the sauce was added and stirred in, and voilà it was done.

8-second slideshow

Best of all, it cost only $3.99 for 4 servings.  For other examples of that store’s awesome prices, check my October 25 entry.  By the way, last time I was there, I got a bag of semi-ripe bananas for only 20¢.  How can they afford to do that??

Oct. 31, 2009

Halloween, and all that it stands for, is not something that I celebrate.  Admittedly, I do like the candy, especially Reese’s peanut butter cups.  But I believe that all the spooks, ghouls, witches, monsters, and ghosts simply promote and advance the kingdom and power of Satan on earth.  Nevertheless, I think this cartoon is hysterical:

WARNING: Do not leave alcohol near your pumpkins!

The only thing I don’t like is that all of those pumpkin seeds will go to waste.  I would have been happy to clean up that entire mess myself.  I would have rinsed off all of those seeds, toasted them, and eaten every one of them.  I think it’s about time to go to the store and buy one so I can do that.

By the way, standard time begins early in the morning.  So if you live in a location that observes daylight time, turn your clocks back an hour before you go to bed.  When I fly back to California soon, I will be gaining two hours.  Essentially, the time change will make it three hours.  Gaining time is always one of my favorite things about flying west.

Oct. 30, 2009

There is a tree in this neighborhood that was struck by lightning a few months ago.  You can see how a strip of bark was ripped off from the top of the trunk all the way to the bottom.

Wow, I would have loved to have been around when that happened.  I bet it was REALLY LOUD.

Oct. 29, 2009

I was struck by the tragic story of a young folk singer, Taylor Mitchell, who died in Canada recently.  She had been attacked by two coyotes, a rare occurrence for animals which typically are very shy.

Musician Taylor Mitchell dies
after coyote attack while hiking

Considering where we may be in prophesied history, I have to contemplate the possibility that this is just one example of wild beast attacks, as part of Fourth Seal events (Revelation 6:7,8).  I have heard of numerous other animal attacks in the past couple of years by bears, lions, cougars, sharks, alligators, and other “wild beasts.”  If my 70th Week hypothesis is correct, watch for a marked increase of such attacks in the near future.

Oct. 28, 2009

I haven’t made lasagna in quite awhile, but my cousins like the way I make it.  So I made two lasagnas this afternoon.  I used extra lean ground beef (I drained off all the grease), onions, lots of garlic, mushrooms, yellow crooknecked squash, spinach leaves, broccoli, low-fat cottage cheese, mozarella cheese, salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning.  The second lasagna was bigger and the cheese in the middle wasn’t browning very well, so I had to put the oven on broil for a few minutes after I had removed the first one.


When it came time to boil the lasagna noodles, I noticed that they were “oven ready” noodles, meaning they do not need to be boiled.  I’ve never seen those before.  I was skeptical, because they looked and felt like regular lasagna noodles.

10-second slideshow

So I made one lasagna with those noodles and the second lasagna with regular noodles, which I found in the cabinet and boiled.  I had one piece of each lasagna; amazingly, they tasted the same, and the noodles in each had the same texture.  I think I’m sold on “oven ready” noodles.

In any case, I was very satisfied with my dinner.  Ted Montgomery’s lasagna: M-M-M!!! 

Oct. 27, 2009

My cousin’s cat, Brat, has been limping around for a couple of days.  Somehow, he hurt his right/front paw.  We don’t know how it happened.  In each of these photos, you can see how he has that paw retracted.

8-second slideshow

Normally, Brat is not allowed on the dining room table.  But since he is injured, he is being extended leniency.  Nobody eats on that table anyway.  I hope Brat the cat’s paw is better soon, or he will have to be taken to the vet.  He is a good kitty. 

On another topic, I cannot stand to see food go to waste.  When I am home, I waste virtually nothing.  Here is dinner tonight: some really good vegetable soup that my cousin made, and on top of that some salad, scrambled egg, turkey bacon, and potatoes.  All of it was leftovers in the refrigerator.

My cousin thought it looked “yucky”; actually, it was quite yummy.  Anyway, I just wanted to get rid of leftovers, in case I get motivated to make a lasagna tomorrow.

Oct. 25, 2009

I am visiting my cousin in Alabama.  Typically, I do not link to commercial websites from mine, but I am making an exception.

My new favorite grocery store is Aldi (http://www.aldifoods.com).  The 6 bananas were 50¢, the 4 pears were 50¢, and the big bag of fruit (4 green apples, 4 red apples, 4 oranges) was $4.99.  All of those, along with raw oats and a little nonfat milk, compose my afternoon meals for 4 days.  The fruit is very fresh and, obviously, inexpensive.  I add toasted corn tortillas with peanut butter.  And, yes, I do eat the orange peels.

8-second slideshow

The chocolate cake was one of the tastiest I've ever made.  The mix (at the Aldi store) was 89¢, and the frosting was $1.19.  Unlike in California, there is tax on food here.  But with prices like that, I don’t really mind.

Oct. 21, 2009

Yesterday, Javier Solana was visiting the Palestinian Territories.  Today, he was in Israel, stating how he feels Israel’s relationship with the European Union is stronger than that of Croatia, a candidate to become a member of the EU:

Israel closer to EU than candidate Croatia: Solana

It makes me wonder if this could be a strategy, by Solana, to ingratiate himself to Israel.  Perhaps he has future personal dealings with Israel in mind.

Oct. 20, 2009

Javier Solana at the EU Police Co-ordinating Office for Palestinian Police Support (EUPOL COPPS)EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, met with President Mahmoud Abbas, of the Palestinian Authority, in Ramallah today.  Solana made it clear that the objective of the European Union “is to have a Palestinian state, the sooner the better.”  He also indicated that a Palestinian state should be established along 1967 lines.

If you click on the photo at the right, and look at the larger version, notice the sign above Dr. Solana’s head: EUPOL COPPS or EU Police Co-ordinating Office for Palestinian Police Support.  That is an interesting name for an organization; I wonder what it means.  Tomorrow, Solana will be in Israel.  I wonder what he will say there.

Chicken Little: 'The Globe is Warming! The Globe is Warming!'In other news, things are gearing up for the “climate change” convention in Copenhagen, December 7-18:

Enslavement by a New Copenhagen
Protocol to the Climate Change Treaty

Even if man-made “climate change” or “global warming” were to be proven, which I am convinced it has not been, I do not like the idea of the world’s nations (especially the USA) being enslaved to a climate change treaty.  For one thing, this is one way that the forthcoming global government will be able to wield a great deal of power over billions of people.  Here is a (lengthy) copy of the Copenhagen Agreement:

Framework Convention on Climate Change

For another thing, if we truly are near the very end of the age (as I suspect that we are), cataclysmic events, worldwide, are going to begin taking place relatively soon—during the “day of vengeance.”  I believe that, most likely, this will be throughout the seventh year of Daniel’s 70th Week.

Just before that period of God’s vengeance, but soon after the Sixth Seal of the heavenly scroll has been opened, people will experience and witness a colossal earthquake that evidently will shake the entire earth, supernatural cosmic disturbances in the sky (Revelation 6:12-14), and “the face of Him [Jesus] who sits on the throne” (6:16).  At that time, anybody with any sense will know that God has thrust Himself, forcibly, into our sphere of existence and should understand that all of the calamities subsequent to that point are a direct result of His wrath (6:17).

By that time (I suspect beginning in late 2012), it should be quite obvious to everyone that “climate change” has nothing to do with the upheavals and catastrophes that are taking place.  Rather, a righteous God will be judging the world before His Anointed One comes to rule and reign over it.

Oct. 16, 2009

I was in the Phoenix airport a few days ago, about to return to San Diego.  I was doing some things online with my laptop computer.  Not paying attention to the gate, I looked up and my group was boarding.  I hurriedly unplugged my laptop computer and stuffed the AC adapter into my backpack while my computer was shutting down.  However, I failed to put my computer into my backpack, leaving it behind.

When I discovered this fact on the plane, I panicked for about 3 seconds.  Then, I thought about how strongly I believe that predestination and free will are both 100% true, and that they have an “if and only if” relationship, mathematically and philosophically.  That is, there is a one-to-one correspondence, or an “if and only if” relationship, between destiny and free choice; there cannot be one without the other.

Believing that things happen the way they are planned to happen, by God, from before the creation of the universe, helps me not to worry too much about inopportune events.  In the case of my computer, it was meant for me to choose, inadvertently, not to slide my laptop into my backpack.  And that was because it was determined, before the beginning of time, for that to happen.  Therefore, there was nothing I could have done to prevent it.  That is what I believe, anyway.

So I thought, “If God already had this planned out, then maybe this is a test to see how I will react to this situation: blow up, get mad at myself, get mad at God, pout...or else, trust Him fully.”  So I remained completely calm and content and just asked, if I never saw my computer again, that He would prevent anyone from stealing my identity.  The rest was up to Him, knowing that it would be no problem for Him to get my computer back to me, if He wanted to.

The short version of the rest of the story is that my computer was found and FedExed to me.  I received it today, completely intact.  So God came through for me.  In fact, in His honor, I changed around the buttons on my home page.  I made the links to my Bible-related and prophecy information be in the first column.  I moved the link to my eye site (which always has claimed first-place at my website), plus links to other sections, to the last column.  That is how the buttons will remain indefinitely—unless it is predestined for me to rearrange them again, at some point.

Oct. 12, 2009

At a new school in Mitzpe Yericho, Israel, descendants of the Cohanim (priests) and Levites are being trained in the process of conducting services, including sacrifices and offerings, in anticipation of the building of the next temple.  These are being done in an exact replica, currently under construction, of the Third Temple.  See more here:

Preparing for Service in the Rebuilt Temple

It has been suggested that if sacrifices and offerings are begun in this replica of the temple, and then stopped at some point, this potentially could qualify as fulfilling the prophecy in Daniel 9:27.  Maybe so; I guess we’ll see.  What I would be interested in knowing is whether or not the new sacrificial altar stone (see my July 30 entry) will be placed in the temple replica at the school.

Oct. 8, 2009

Anyone who has been paying attention will know that the frequency of very large earthquakes in the world appears to be rising.  Go here to see how much the incidence of deadly and destructive quakes, from magnitude 6.0 to 8.0, has escalated since 1900, especially in just the last handful of years:

USGS Worldwide Deadly & Destructive Earthquakes
Between Magnitudes 6 and 8 Since 1900

This make sense to me, since I strongly suspect that we now are within the period of time referred to by Jesus as “the beginning of birth pains” (Matthew 24:7,8)--see Are the "birth pains" spoken of by Jesus the same as the "labor pains" described by Paul?  Furthermore, look what happens after the Sixth Seal of the heavenly scroll is opened:

I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake...and every mountain and island was removed from its place (Revelation 6:12,14).

Every mountain and island will be removed from its place.  Wow.  That sounds to me like that great earthquake will shake the entire earth.  In case my proposed seven-year time frame is correct, this will take place in the Fall of 2012—less than three years from now.

Without a doubt, the world’s socio-economic and political systems are deteriorating rapidly.  Coincident with but independent of this, I suspect that the earth itself is becoming increasingly unstable and seismically active.  Let’s watch and see if the frequency and magnitude of global quakes and volcanic eruptions continue to grow.

Oct. 5, 2009

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) now has been told it must wait three weeks before being given access to Iran’s most recent, previously secret, uranium enrichment plant.  Understandably, Britain rightfully has expressed irritation about this, as shown in this article:

Anger as Iran holds up IAEA inspectors’ visit

Yet, another article two days ago indicates that, at the Geneva talks on October 1, “Tehran agreed to open its new nuclear enrichment plant for international inspections within two weeks”:

Geneva talks gain momentum

I suspect that Iran is stalling on inspections, for as long as it can, to “straighten up” its nuclear facility and hide anything that would raise the suspicion of IAEA inspectors.  Javier Solana said that there will be further dialogue, between the six global powers and Iran, before the end of the month.  Presumably, Solana will be representing the “big six,” just as he did at the Geneva talks.

Oct. 3, 2009

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about the following.  Then I felt compelled to write it down before I went back to sleep.  I don’t know why I woke up with it in my head, and I don’t know why I felt that I needed to write it down...just did.

Idealists seem to think that things should be, and wish that they could be, the way that they want them to be (see Idealism vs. Realism).  Inevitably, though, this leads to heartache and pain, because often their thoughts and wishes do not conform to reality, and reality trumps everything, eventually.  A sudden jolt of realism vaporizes their dreams and fantasies, leaving them crestfallen, discontent, and depressed.

God is the ultimate realist, not an idealist.  Jesus was God, in flesh, and He had no illusions about the mission He was appointed to carry out.  He did not have false hopes and aspirations that caused Him to believe that He could save the entire world, simply by making everyone in it conform to His way of thinking and doing things.  That was not part of His Father’s perfect eternal plan.  Jesus would have been the ultimate tyrant if He had forced all of humanity to abide by His wishes: that all would be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:3,4).  Such idealistic notions would have been the epitome of irrationality, though Jesus may have wished it and wanted that with all of His heart.

So when things do not go our own ways, we should not wish, hope, and dream that they could.  Jesus didn’t.  He knew that He was destined to die (Matthew 16:21), via one of the most excruciatingly painful deaths imaginable—on the cross.  Yet, He was positive, confident, and content virtually all of the time.  He had no false illusions about what He had to do to be able to save certain elect members of the human race, the ones that the Father had given Him (John 17:9,24).  And He knew that these would be special, intimate treasures and precious gems throughout eternity—thus making the cross, for Him, worth every bloody, anguishing, agonizing moment.

If you are reading this, I hope that you are one of Jesus’ elect treasures and gems, who will experience eternal bliss and gladness with your glorious, realistic Savior.  If so, now is the time to understand that neither this world, nor God Himself, is going to conform to your unrealistic expectations of how things should be.  In fact, this foolish, idealistic world is about to be turned upside-down and inside-out, before our very eyes.

The New World Order, and everyone associated with it, will be supremely idealistic and reckless.  Unwisely, they will believe that the world can be run successfully by compelling everyone to conform to their foolishly wild imaginings of how things should be.  Fortunately, this imprudent, destructive regime of terror will be overturned and shattered to pieces (Daniel 2:34,35), when the King of Realism returns to overthrow it and set up His own Kingdom (2:44).  He will rule and reign over this world, for a Millennium, in absolute justice and righteousness.

We all are idealistic, to some degree, because we are imperfect human beings and not little gods.  But let us strive to be like Jesus, whose God component overcame His human component—that is, His Spirit overcame His Flesh—at all times.  And, at His resurrection, He was propelled to infinite heights of joy and happiness, which He also will share with believers in Him when He returns for us in the clouds, at the Rapture.  What a glorious, magnificent, realistic hope we have in Him!

Oct. 2, 2009

At sunset this evening, the festival of Sukkot, or Feast of Tabernacles (or Feast of Booths), began.  Tomorrow continues the first day of Sukkot, on which there always is a full moon.  I believe that Jesus was born on the first day of Sukkot.  Thus, He was born on a full moon, and He also died on a full moon (Passover).

Sukkot (Leviticus 23:33-43; Deuteronomy 16:13-17; Nehemiah 8:14-18) is a week, each year, in which Israelites (and, I feel, believers in the God of Israel) are to construct booths out of branches in their yards and spend time in them.  It is a time to commemorate the forty-year period in which the children of Israel, led by Moses, wandered in the Sinai Desert, with God supplying all of their needs: food, water, shelter, clothing, guidance, light, and heat.

Each family had to live in a small, temporary dwelling, or sukkah (plural, sukkot), as the Israelites wandered in the desert.  They were encouraged to look up through the thatched roof at the stars in the night sky, reminding them of the promise God made to Abram (Abraham): that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the heavens (Genesis 15:5, 22:17, 26:4).

It also is probable that the transfiguration of Jesus (Matthew 17:1-13) took place during the Feast of Tabernacles.  Peter offered to put up three shelters or tents—one for Jesus, one for Moses, and one for Elijah (17:4)—most likely a reference to three sukkahs or sukkot.

Jesus celebrated, and even taught at, the Feast of Tabernacles (John 7:1-44).  After Jesus returns back to earth, the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) will be celebrated, in that year and in every year thereafter, in Jerusalem.  Representatives from all the nations of the world will go to Jerusalem, at that time, to worship King Jesus and to celebrate the feast; otherwise, those nations will have no rain (Zechariah 14:16-19).

When people from the nations of the world gather together in Jerusalem to worship Jesus on Sukkot, I see this as the biggest birthday celebration of all time.  Best of all, it will be an annual event.  I hope Jesus’ favorite flavor of birthday cake is chocolate.

Oct. 1, 2009

Javier Solana, EU High Representative for the CFSPToday, Javier Solana hosted talks in Geneva, Switzerland, referred to as “Geneva Talks 2.”  He appeared to be the main representative and spokesperson of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Germany, and China in negotiating with Saeed Jalili, representing Iran, concerning Iran’s nuclear enrichment program.

Mr. Jalili promised that Iran would allow inspections “soon” and within “a few weeks.”  He also stated, “The Islamic Republic would by no means be dissuaded of its certain rights.”  I will believe that inspections of Iran’s newest nuclear facility have been made only when I hear that this has been done.  That is, I will believe it when I see it.

18-second slideshow

If you would like to see a 3¼-minute video of Javier Solana and Saeed Jalili arriving at the conference in Geneva, click here (although you will need RealPlayer to view it).  In the video, Solana emerges from the back seat of the first limosine and Jalili from the back seat of the second limo.

After the talks, Solana held a press conference.  Watch a video of some of that conference, or go here to read a few of the remarks that he made (it is a PDF file):

Introductory Remarks by Javier Solana

These “talks” remind me of the “Geneva (1) Talks” of July 19, 2008, also between Solana and Jalili (see my July 20, 2008 entry).  Absolutely nothing was accomplished then, and I seriously doubt that anything substantial was accomplished today.

Besides this, what mainly concerns me is Solana’s apparent presumption that he is representing my country, the United States, as he did back on June 14, 2008, in other talks in Tehran.  As far as I am concerned, Solana is being given way too much authority and influence in world affairs.  His importance in the world is evidenced by some of his 170 videos with leaders, foreign ministers, and ambassadors; these are available to be viewed on his You Tube page (bottom/right and up one section).  Of course, he continues to press fervently for a two-state solution in Israel, in accordance with one of the foremost objectives of the European Neighbourhood Policy (see also my entries, earlier this year, for July 13 and July 12).

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