Bob Ray and His Peanut Brittle Recipe
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I have a friend, John, in Fullerton, CA.  He has been in a wheelchair since 1983.  John is a very good person and loves to help out other people.

A few years ago, John had a friend, Bob Ray, who had lung cancer.  For months, John drove Bob Ray to his chemotherapy sessions.

About a month before Bob Ray died, he and John were talking about Bob Ray’s peanut brittle, which his family and friends loved.  Bob Ray said that nobody knew his recipe, so he wanted to provide it to John to give to others after he was gone.

So Bob Ray, too weak to make the peanut brittle anymore, spent several hours with John, explaining to him every step of how to do it.  In turn, John wrote down the recipe.

Weeks later, at Bob Ray’s wake, John had copies of the recipe available.  Those who knew Bob Ray, and who had tasted his extraordinary peanut brittle in the past, were delighted that John had taken the time to write down the recipe.

Copies of the recipe were taken and shared with others.  Now this tasty peanut brittle is made, by many, in memory of Bob Ray.

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