1. Use a question mark (?) after an interrogative sentence that asks a direct question.  Do not add a space at the end of a sentence, prior to the question mark.
    • Can we go with her?
    • Where did you put all those colorful shells that you found at the beach?
    • Did you notice that ? (incorrect—no space before the question mark)

  2. Use a question mark after each separate part of a sentence containing more than one question.
    • Have you seen Matt? Ben? Russell?
    • Do you know if he sold the sportscar? the yacht? the house?
    1. If the question is not complete until the end of the sentence, place a question mark only at the end.
      • How can Marcella seriously expect for you to move her furniture, her clothes, and all of her junk?

  3. Use a question mark in various places within a sentence in which only part of it is a question or questions.
    • I bet Fran wondered, what was he doing there?
    • This is what bothered Maurice:  Was his girlfriend ever going to tell him the truth?
    • He couldn’t believe it—did she think that the whole thing suddenly was going to go away? that all her problems were just going to disappear?
    • She asked me, how much salary did you request? did you go for an interview? and, are you going to move if you get the job?

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