1. Use a period (.) at the end of a declarative or imperative sentence.
    • The meeting lasted for three hours.  (declarative sentence)
    • Return this video tape to the store.  (imperative sentence)

  2. Use a period after initials, abbreviations, and contracted words.  (Abbreviations do not have internal spacing.)
    • U.S.A.   • A.A.R.P.   • P.M.   • Ms.   • etc.   • tsp.

  3. Use only one period to complete a sentence which ends in an abbreviation.
    • Fax the order to Harris and Son, Inc.
    • My appointment is with Mark Siebold, M.D.

  4. Use a period, rather than a question mark, after an indirect question or a courteous request.
    • She asked what time you would be home.  (indirect question)
    • Could you please pass the mashed potatoes.  (courteous request)

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