1. Use an exclamation mark (!) after all exclamatory sentences—those which express authority, surprise, or emotion.  Do not add a space at the end of a sentence, prior to the exclamation mark.
    • You are fired!
    • I thought I’d have a heart attack when that door slammed!
    • I can’t believe Alex did that to me!
    • Don’t go there ! (incorrect—no space before the exclamation mark)

  2. Use an exclamation mark after an interjection or a word used as an interjection.  At times, the sentence following the interjection may be exclamatory.
    • Take that!
    • Give me that paper.  Now!
    • Shut up!  I’m doing the best I can!

  3. Use an exclamation mark after statements which are commands or which imply need for immediate action.
    • Pick up your toys!
    • Hurry up or you’ll be left behind!

  4. Use an exclamation mark after an interrogative sentence that is exclamatory in form or intended to be exclamatory.
    • How could she do that!
    • Who do you think you are!

  5. Use an exclamation mark to add emphasis.
    • Get your contact lenses here!
    • This free offer expires soon!

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