1. Use brackets ([ ]) to enclose material in a quotation included by someone other than the writer, such as editorial additions or comments.
    • In the newspaper, I read, “The strong earthquake in Washington [State] caused extensive damage.”
    • The lecturer noted, “In ancient Israel, a trumpet or shofar [ram’s horn] was blown on Rosh haShanah, the first day of the new year.”

  2. Use brackets to enclosed parenthetical matter within other parenthetical matter.
    • After the tire rotation and balancing (done at the service station down the block [the mechanic appeared to be very inexperienced]), my car pulled to the right when I drove.
    • The external rectus (ER) muscle (sometimes referred to as the lateral rectus [LR] muscle) turns the eye outward.
    • For his birthday, he wanted a new toolbox (along with a new fishing pole [his good one had broken]).

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