of Pride Island

Ted M. Montgomery, O.D.
Copyright © 1998–

Positive Spheres

What does it take for one man to relinquish his pride?  Colton’s past is reviewed instantaneously in his mind, during an apparent automobile he feels himself “sliding off of a slippery time line and into the infinite nebula of forever.”  But is the freak collision on the freeway real, or is it merely an hallucination  caused by the effects of an illegal drug?  In any case, in one critical moment, Colton recalls an entire story—“Pride Island”—which he had finished reading that very day.

You will venture through the riveting story of “Pride Island” as it streaks across Colton’s mind—discovering, before long, that the main character, Pierce, bears an uncanny resemblance to Colton.  From the moment Pierce is awakened out of a fantastic dream by a reverberating BOOM!—“sucked out of his bizarre phantasm, like a paper man on a magazine page being ripped away into a vacuum cleaner hose”—you will find it difficult to walk away until you have read the unique, inimitable conclusion!

In an early chapter, you will witness one of the most exciting, down-to-the-wire basketball games you ever have experienced! will progress from glimpsing the eerie gateway to hell  and entering the creepy domain of Pride Island, to journeying through the consummate realm of heaven (led by an angel) and all the way to the supernatural, miraculous finale...which is much too unfathomable even to guess.  You also will depart with a greater awareness of spiritual intervention into personal affairs.  After reading the opening, action-packed chapter, resist  the compelling urge to vault  prematurely to the final cheating now!

Negative Spheres



Chapter 1