10 Precepts of Scripturally
Based, Militant Islam

  1. Muhammad is Allah’s final prophet, who was summoned by Allah to bring his final message.  The messages of every other religion, including Judaism and Christianity, must be denounced.  Belief in the shahada—the Islamic creed declaring the oneness of Allah and the acceptance of Muhammad as Allah’s prophet—makes a non-Muslim into a Muslim.
  2. The Qur’an is Allah’s word.  The Sunna shows how Muhammad lived out the message of the Qur’an.  The Sunna consists of the Hadith and the Sirah, which show Muhammad’s teachings, words and actions that must be followed.
  3. Allah is the only true god of the universe.  His law, the sharia, is perfect and good for all mankind.  Sharia and Islam cannot be separated.  Sharia establishes that the Qur’an is Allah’s final testament, and under sharia there is no separation between the civil and the religious.
  4. The only way to contentment is to be fully submitted to Allah’s will and law, the Shirah.  There can be peace only when every person, community and nation comes under the authority of sharia.
  5. There can be no real peace in the world until Muslims have rid the world of the kufrs or kafirs (literally, excrement or filth).  These infidels are unbelievers or disbelievers.  They are the reason why there is evil and lack of peace in the world.  As such, it is important to take up arms against the kafirs, primarily Jews and Christians, eliminating all of them and setting up sharia law.
  6. Allah rewards only his faithful servants, and he punishes those who disobey him.  Blessings come through obeying everything that Allah says to do.  This includes saying daily prayers at the proper times, following a strict dress code, abiding by the dietary restrictions of Islam and strictly observing the Ramadan fasts.
  7. The best way to earn Allah’s favor, to avoid Hell and to enter into Paradise is to participate in jihad.  Although jihad involves striving, applying oneself, struggling and persevering in the ways of Allah, the ultimate act of jihad is engaging in a “holy war” against the enemies of Allah and Islam.  Jihad is a communal obligation; every Muslim is commanded to carry out jihad.  The only guarantee of salvation is through jihad.
  8. The greatest reward for a Muslim is earned by being a shahid: a martyr who dies in the process of jihad for Allah.  There is no other guarantee of attaining Paradise for a Muslim other than becoming a shahid.  Not only will he receive 72 perpetual virgins for eternity in Paradise, he also will gain the admittance of 70 of his family members into Paradise.
  9. It is vitally important to establish that the “people of the book,” Jews and Christians, have corrupted the West with their Judeo-Christian values of freedom and democracy.  A democratic government comes from the pits of Hell.  The only valid form of government is a theocracy that has Islamic leadership and sharia law.
  10. It must be established and accepted that Israel has stolen the land that Allah promised to Ishmael.  The Qur’an states that the son offered by Abraham was Ishmael, not Isaac as the Bible states.  The inheritance from Abraham came through Ishmael; however, Jews have “rewritten” the Old Testament and have lied by claiming that the inheritance came through Isaac.  As such, all Jews and supporters of Israel are enemies of Allah and must be slaughtered.  The Islamic Jesus, Isa, is coming back as a sidekick of the Islamic Mahdi; he will destroy the cross (every Christian), will kill all of the pigs (Jews), and will abolish the jizya tax on non-Muslims because all Jews, Christians and others who have not submitted to Islam will have been demolished.